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  • Stacking Buffer Tanks

    Save space and setup time.

  • Whale Tanks

    The Quickest way to set up buffer tanks


  • As a buffer tank for fracking to maintain a constant supply of liquid or take up excess flow
  • As a mobile storage tank that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively


  • Quick deployment
  • low cost transport
  • Exterior insulated and cladded
  • Easy setup in winter months



Is there an alternative to 400 bbl tanks used as buffer tanks? A buffer tank that is more cost effective does exist. The FracStac (patent-pending) is designed to save money. This innovative buffer tank is engineered to do the job better, even in the Canadian winter. Two of these tanks will replace approximately seven 400 bbl tanks.

Whale Tanks

The quickest buffer tank setup possible. Just park and connect and it's ready to go. One of these 230m3 tanks will replace just under four 400 bbl tanks. They do not need matting. And they can be connected together for even more volume. Designed for quick deployment even in cold conditions.

Secondary Containment System

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